Active Activities For A Weekend Afternoon

When it comes to finding things to do in Denver, if you are seeking active activities, you are in luck. There are many ways to stay active and have some fun with your date or your friends. These are all activities that you do not even need to plan in advance, making them perfect for those looking for last-minute plans.

Play Some Golf

Whether you want to hit the green or just hit some balls, there are a number of golf courses that can accommodate you. If you are new to golf, you can rent a set of clubs and buy some balls right on site, making it easy to have what you need. Many golf courses take people who do not have appointments, so you can make the plans the day of and not worry about being turned away.

Head Out for a Short Hike

There are a number of trails that are perfect for a short hike because they are only a few miles long. You can check out information for the local parks and locate a trail that fits your needs. Pack some water and a few snacks and head out to enjoy adventure and make memories with a date or some friends.

Play Some Softball or Baseball

You can usually find a field that is empty and ready for a game of softball or baseball throughout the city and surrounding suburbs. Get enough friends together so that you have enough people to create two complete teams. You can call friends throughout the morning and by the afternoon, you will have enough people to get competitive with.

Go For a Swim

Regardless of the weather conditions, there are both indoor and outdoor places where you can go swimming. This requires no advanced plans, so if you want to exercise check here your sea legs, simply head to the local pool for a relaxing, but active afternoon.

Consider a Self-Led Bike Tour

You can grab a friend and some bikes and tour the city on your own. This is especially nice for those who are new to the area and trying to learn where everything is. Even if you have spent a lot of time in this city, there are probably things that you have not seen. When you bike instead of drive, it is easier to see things that you would otherwise miss when you are focused on paying attention to the traffic around you.

Consider these things to do in Denver when you want to combine exercise with making memories with friends or your date. There are many active things to do in this city, making it the perfect place for those seeking adventure.

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